logotip synthesis lab name
resistence to insecticids  
sex pheromone  
The head - academician Abduvakhabov A.A.

    The laboratory was organized in 1973.

    The main direction is studying and synthesis of structural-functional dependences of natural and synthetic physiological active substances and their derivatives.

    The main objects are low-molecular natural bioregulators (pheromones, attractants, alkaloids and other compounds that influence on the vital functions of plant and animals) and their synthetic analogs (phosphororganic substances containing double bonds of different conformation; substances which are analogues of natural compounds).

    In the laboratory the synthesis of phosphoroganic substances (PhOS), including nitrogen containing heterocycles and alkaloids and also the research of kinetic parameters in the process of interaction (PhOS) with esterase complex of arthropods and warm-blooded animals are carrying out.

    These experiments necessary to explain the mechanism of resistance of cotton insect pests and creating of bioregulators of phosphororganic and carbomate structures with selective activity.

    The laboratory consists of two teams: familiar

team on investigation of the resistance mechanism of arthropoda to insecticidies of phosphor organic and carbamate nature;

team on investigation and synthesis of sexual pheromones.

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