logotip poliphenol lab name
gossypol chem  
plant poliphenols  
transport and complex  
The head - professor Dalimov D.N.,
honored inventor of Uzbekistan

    Laboratory of polyphenols was established in 1953. The founder of laboratory is an academician Sadykov Abid Sadykovich. From 1960 to 1996 the lab was headed by Doctor of science, Meritorious Science Worker, State laureate in the field of science and technology named after Beruni of the Republic of Uzbekistan professor, A.I.Ismailov. Since 1996 the head of laboratory is professor D.N.Dalimov.

    Major scientific direction of lab: isolation and structure determination, chemical modification, structure-functional analysis, goal-oriented synthesis of low molecular bioregulators of polyphenolic, terpenoid nature, as well as creation of medicines with broad spectrum of action on their basis.

    There are three scientific teams in the laboratory: familiar

team on investigation of fundamentals of gossipol chemistry and its derivativs;

team on chemistry of high and low molecular plant polyphenols;

team on developing and studiing of transport and complex forming materials on the base of low molecular natural compounds.

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