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The head and director of the institute
academician Salikhov Sh.I.
Salikhov Sh.I. is one of founders of republican protein chemistry. Broad scientific community recognizes his contribution to investigation of proteins and peptides. Numbers of results of these investigations are employed in national economy widely. In 1995 he has been elected as academician of Uzbek Academy of Science. In 1997 he was awarded by degree "Honorable Person of Uzbekistan Science". He is author of more 250 papers published in leading scientific international journals, monographs and more than 40 patents.

    The laboratory of protein and peptide chemistry was founded in 1987 on the basis of zoophytotoxines department of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry.

    At present, the laboratory consists of 12 scientists among which 2 doctors of science, and 8 Ph.D.

    The main direction of research activity is structural and functional characterization and mechanism investigation of action of bioregulators of plant and animal origin: biologically active substances from venoms of animals of Central Asia, phytohormones receptors, biocide peptides and peptide hormones.

    The laboratory consists of three teams: familiar

the group of research of protein and peptide bioregulators and bioprotectors of cotton plants;

the group of research of physiologically active substances from venoms of animals of Central Asia;

the group of creation and manufacture of new medical mean a basis of protein and bioregulators from animal raw materials.

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