logotip phys-chem lab name
The head - academician Aripov T.F.,
vice-president of Uzbekistan academy of sciences

    The laboratory of physical and chemical methods of research was established in 1982 on the basis of optical-analytical group that existed in the Institute since its organization. In its research the laboratory traditionally uses a wide range of physical and chemical methods, such as magnet spectroscopy, IR, UV, fluorescent spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, the technology of conductivity measuring of planar bilayer lipid membranes and other biophysical methodologies.

    The major scientific direction of the laboratory is a research by physical and chemical methods the structure of biologically active compounds, their complexes as well as an interaction of physiologically active compounds with cell components. These works are carried out by two scientific teams: familiar

team on structural investigations of clathrate inclusion compounds;

team on investigations of phisiological active compounds interaction with biological membranes.

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