logotip cellulose lab name
in detail
The head - professor Turaev A.S.

    The laboratory is organized in 1993 on the basis of a laboratory of surgical cellulose materials of Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of cotton cellulose.

    With a help of modern physical and chemical methods the laboratory studies features of molecular and supramolecular structures of cellulose and its derivatives, synthetic hydrophilic polymers, products and transformations of their solutions. familiar

    The scientific direction of laboratory is a research of principles of chemical transformations of cellulose, its derivatives and hydrophilic synthetic polymers; an establishment of correlation between chemical, supramolecular structure of polymers and their reaction ability, and properties of obtained products; development of the new approach of molecular design of macromolecular systems on the basis of cellulose and synthetic polymers, with the purpose of creation of products with desired medical and biological properties.

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