logotip bioregulators lab name
in detail
The head - professor Sadykov A.A.,
dean of chemical department
of National university of Uzbekistan

    The laboratory is based in 1973. Main scientific direction of laboratory was research of regulation of eucaryotic genome functioning on cellular and molecular levels with using of cell culture methods. Leontjev V.B.

    From its organization until 1999 employees of laboratory, under the direction of the Doctor of Chemistry, professor V.B.Leontyev obtained reconstructed nucleoprotein complexes, investigated the role of nuclear proteins - histones, nonhistone proteins, HMG - proteins in regulation of a transcription in vitro and in native chromatin. The role of conformational transformations in changing of a chemical structure as mostly nuclear proteins, as functionally significant areas of genome is established. Prepared monoclonal antibodies against cotton membrane proteins and its reactivity were studied. A lot of cell lines, resistant to methotrexate were received, and mechanism of this resistance was studied. familiar

    Now the basic scientific direction is studying of biologically active compounds of plant and animal origin - glycoproteins, lectines, peptides, alkaloides and structurally - investigation of functional relatiouship.

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